Sunday, August 23, 2015

Wordpress- My eight wordpress plugins are on wordpress community.

My eight wordpress plugins are on wordpress community.

1. Custom taxonomy meta :Plugin to add custom meta fields within built in and custom taxonomies. Simply add the desired fields by going through WP-admin -> Settings ->Taxonomy Meta .
2. Custom taxonomy Image : Custom Taxonomy Image Plugin allow you to add image with category/taxonomy.
3. Client Testimonial : Display client testimonial with slide previous and next features.
4. Vertical Carousel :Display vertical carousel slider with the help of a shortcode. Using shortcode ['vertical-carousel-slider'] , we can show carousel slider on page.
5. Client Logo Carousel :Display client logos responsive carousel with the help of a shortcode in editor as well as template page. Having different carousel settings.
6. Enable/Disable Auto Login when Register :The plugin provides feature to enable/disable auto login when user register .
7. Simple Login Form :Put simple login form on page or template using shortcode .
8. Simple Registration Form :This plugin allows users to put simple registration form on page , post or template using shortcode

9. Popup Maker : The most versatile popup plugin for WordPress!

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